Meet Marilyn Koziatek, Champion for Valley Schools

Marilyn Koziatek is an effective public education professional, public school mom, and longtime Angeleno running for school board because our kids and our valley schools deserve a champion. As our School Board Member, she’ll bring a fresh, 21st Century vision, budgetary expertise, and a kids first approach, to ensure that every young person can reach their potential. Marilyn is a passionate, thoughtful, and resourceful leader who will only accept the best for our kids.

Public Education and Public Service Mean Everything to Marilyn

Marilyn’s mom and dad were both the first in their families to attend college. Her mother's parents had no more than an 8th grade education working on a ranch in Oklahoma. Their experience taught Marilyn that the key to a bright future is public education. They also had a deep belief in serving others and speaking up against injustice. When Marilyn was a child, her family travelled the world on humanitarian missions, building school houses, and opening prenatal clinics in small villages in Africa, Pakistan, and Nepal. During that time, Marilyn survived typhoid, and her family was evacuated from Sierra Leone in the middle of a civil war. Marilyn’s father served in the U.S. Army, and now works at the LA County Department of Child and Family Services. Her mom is a retired caregiver for children and seniors. Public service is a family tradition.

Marilyn’s mother with her grandparents

Marilyn with her family digging a well in Sierra Leone

Marilyn with her ESL class in Kathmandu

Marilyn with her husband Mike and their children

An Effective Public Education Professional Who Has Made a Big Difference for Students and Teachers

Marilyn is the only candidate who currently works in a public school. She leads the tutoring and enrichment department at Granada Hills High School, one of the highest-performing schools in the state, to help students continue to learn during distance learning. She manages grants to bring resources to the classrooms, launched the school’s first mobile app to bring communication into the 21st Century, and empowers parents with the tools to become active participants in their childs’ education. She has generated hundreds of thousands of additional funds for her school from community partner grants to fund STEM initiatives, Arts programming and much more. She’s proud that her school pays teachers a salary that is 13 percent higher than the district average, offers a high-quality public education, and still manages a budget surplus.

Marilyn also chairs the Education Committee at the Valley Industry Commerce Association, sits on the 38th Assembly Education Advisory Committee, volunteers with the Children’s Hunger Fund, and is a member of the Parent Teacher Association at her kids’ public school. She also volunteers in the kids' program at her church in Northridge. 

A Public School Parent, for a Change

If elected, Marilyn will be the only member of the Los Angeles School Board who is a parent of children attending LA public schools. This parent perspective is much needed on the board. Marilyn and her husband Michael have two young sons, both attending their neighborhood public school in Chatsworth. 

A Longtime Angeleno Who Believes in Public Education

Marilyn moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago to attend the University of Southern California. She graduated cum laude with a degree in Business Administration. At USC, she served in student government that promoted diversity and tolerance, and was recognized for her work inspiring local kids. 

Ready to Bring a Fresh Perspective to Help All Kids Succeed 

As our School Board Member, Marilyn will bring a fresh, collaborative, 21st Century approach to LA schools. She’ll fight for all students to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed. She’ll be a fierce advocate for fair teacher pay, improved technical education, school safety, stronger relationships between the district, parents, and community, and responsible budgeting, so we can give our kids the resources they deserve. Marilyn also knows we can have a balanced budget without compromising the quality of our schools, and still pay our teachers well.  She’ll never settle for mediocrity, a lack of accountability, or a failing system that leaves too many students behind. Marilyn Koziatek will only accept the best for our kids.