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“Following the Parkland Florida High School shooting in February of 2018, I and a few other students at Granada Hills Charter High School felt the need to speak up and speak out about student safety on our high school campus. Mrs. Koziatek supported our voice and ideas as students and helped us create a nationally televised, inspirational movement that obtained over 10 million views internationally. She listened to how and why we wanted to create the movement that we did and provided us the resources and her expertise to guide us through the process. She taught me how to lead the student body and most importantly reach out to the community to gain support that allowed us to be successful.”

Lexi Hopp, GHCHS class of ’19

“Marilyn is passionate about supporting teachers and making sure we have the resources we need to be successful. She advocates for us and fosters relationships with parents and the community members so we can spend more time focusing on our students. As a math teacher and Academic Decathlon coach at Granada Hills Charter, I felt so supported by Marilyn’s work in community outreach—she wrote grants, found sponsors for our clubs and teams, and always made sure our success as teachers and the successes of our students was recognized and appreciated by the community. Marilyn has a way of making everyone she works with feel special and goes out of her way to ensure she takes care of all stakeholders at every level of the organization. I know she will bring this same passion and dedication to her work on the LAUSD School Board.”

Jonathan Sturtevant, Math Teacher

“Mrs. Kozy is a passionate, thoughtful, and resourceful leader. During my time as a student at Granada Hills Charter High School, she was able to kickstart my career, help refine my skills in business communications, and allowed me to develop a mindset for lasting success. She not only provided many students like me with work based learning opportunities which landed me my first internship at Fullscreen Media but she was also able to guide me towards a path that would lead me to a successful journey in marketing and advertising. I owe my success in college, my motivation to be the best I could be, and my headstart in my career to her mentorship and knowledge of future trends. I am confident in saying that Mrs. Kozy added significant value to my education and future. She’s awesome!”

Ian Solano, GHCHS Class of 2017

“As a parent ambassador at GHC, I have witnessed Marilyn working constantly, ensuring our kids have the best education possible. Marilyn’s strong work ethic reflects her love for Granada and its students. Furthermore, she is keenly aware of families' current struggles regarding the need of a high quality education. Marilyn is a fierce leader and I can assure you, she will put our kids' best interest first and foremost. I’m extremely happy to support Marilyn as a LAUSD Board Member!

Maribel Campos, Parent of GHCHS students