Marilyn’s Plan for Los Angeles Schools

Building an Open, Accessible, and Collaborative Public Education System for the Future of Los Angeles

Increase Local Control and Budget Transparency

By opening up lines of communication with the community, schools can serve students better and improve student outcomes. I believe we need to engage parents in a meaningful way by creating a flow of information that respects parents as partners to the district. We can implement simple solutions that provide equitable access for all parents regardless of status. Our communities understand the needs of our students best. It should not be difficult to see where money is being spent in our children’s schools. Parents and our community need to see and understand the district’s convoluted budget so we can restore trust in the district and make public education work for students again.

Solving the Digital Divide

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that there is a need for innovative, collaborative, and forward-thinking approaches to solving the challenges that face schools, teachers, parents, and, most importantly, students. 25 percent of LAUSD students do not have access to high speed internet at home. This was unacceptable before the pandemic closed our campuses; now it is a catastrophe.

Future Proofing LAUSD

We need to look into the future and leave the past behind when it comes to implementing successful models of education for our children. Marilyn’s priorities include restoring art and music funding and making sure every child graduates with the skills needed to succeed in a modern economy. More than one in four Black LAUSD students do not graduate and less than half of all graduates are eligible for the California State University or University of California systems. We must invest in early literacy programs to ensure students are reading at grade-level and develop stronger partnerships with our community and four-year colleges through dual and concurrent enrollment during high school to ensure that every student graduates ready for the next step.