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Poll: Encouraging Poll Findings from Change Research

Poll Results Feature

A recent survey polled likely voters in Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education District 3, finding a wide open race. The data suggest that Marilyn Koziatek's background as a parent and education professional could propel her into the lead in this race.
    • After reading each candidate’s bio, voters in the district prefer Marilyn Koziatek by a 17 point margin overall, including a 26 point differential among parents. 
    • After learning more about Scott Schmerelson’s tenure as a member of the school board, voters choose Marilyn Koziatek by a 8 point margin, including a 6 point differential among Democrats and a 19 point differential among Independents.
    • After learning more about each candidates’ key issues, Marilyn Koziatek’s favorability goes up 37 points among college-educated women and 35 points among voters aged 18-34.


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Marilyn Koziatek Endorsed By President Obama’s Former US Education Secretary Arne Duncan

Prospectus May 2020

“I am proud to endorse Marilyn Koziatek in her campaign for school board in Los Angeles,” said former Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

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Los Angeles Daily News Endorses Marilyn Koziatek for LAUSD school board in District 3

The Los Angeles Unified School District has problems. Enrollment is declining by some 14,000 students per year. Because funding for the district is tied to student attendance, declining enrollment has contributed to budget tensions.

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Marilyn’s LA Daily News Op-Ed: LAUSD students need more localized decision-making

We are facing a learning and budget crisis that will require Los Angeles Unified to innovate and fundamentally change the way it delivers instruction and ensure students are learning.

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